Publisher, A&R Executive, Manager, Songwriter

Hayden Bell

Hayden Bell started his music career at a young age writing songs and playing in bands with Daniel Jones (Savage Garden). Participating in the worldwide success of Savage Garden, Hayden quickly built his international network and developed a skill for recognising a hit song.


Hayden opened his first studio with Daniel Jones in 1996 and signed as a songwriter to EMI Music Publishing in 1998. In 2000, Hayden formed his own publishing company and label called “Excalibur Productions” based out of Brisbane Australia. His first breakthrough multi-platinum signing was The Veronicas. He then signed Mark Sholtez and partnered with Verve and Chairman Tommy La Puma to make the #1 selling jazz album “Real Street”.


In 2003 Hayden broke into the Asia Pacific region with his first hit songs cut but Asian and Japanese artists. In 2008 Hayden relocated his operations to Stockholm Sweden and in 2010 focussed on creating and building the The Kennel AB. The Kennel has achieved over 100 # 1’s and over 40 top 10 hits for artists such as Girls Generation, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Arashi, Exile, Kumi Koda, Kat- Tun, News, Exile, Tomoshia Yamashita, Namie Amuro, to name a few. He has cut over 400 songs in Japan and Asia to date and due to his success, has been in demand executive producing and A&Ring for some of Japan and Asia’s biggest multi platinum selling artists, such as BoA, Sweetbox, and Girls Generation.


Hayden placed the song “Starships” with Niki Minaj which went on to become one of the biggest pop songs of 2012.


Hayden represented for many years Arnthor Birgisson (James Arthur, Janet Jackson, JLO, Celine Dion, Britney, Leona Lewis) and represented Carl Falk (who co wrote and produced “What Makes You Beautiful”, “One Thing” and “Live While Your Young” for One Direction). Hayden has also represented Bloodshy and Avant (Madonna, Britney) and Billy Steinberg (Roy Orbison, Divinyls, Whitney Houston).


As a songwriter Hayden wrote the US billboard #1 dance hit “Never Forget” for Lena from TATU.


Hayden has also worked with artist like Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland.


In April 2013, Hayden joined Sony Music Asia as Head of A&R for Asia Pacific and Middle East and India


Hayden has guided the career of Conrad Sewell to the top of the charts in Australia, with the song “Start Again” which achieved #1 for 3 weeks on the ARIA charts. Conrad also cowrote Kygo’s “Firestone” which was a top 5 worldwide hit.

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