Artist Writer


Hazlett is the raspy songwriting rebirth of a young man who spent much of his youth in a rhythm section of a band on the road. Basing himself overseas for stints in Europe and the U.S, he was in and out of dive bars for the better part of 5 years until a twist of fate derailed the dream.


Returning back home to his native Australia, Hazlett took a nervous step out of the shadows and towards the mysterious microphone, embracing a desire to tell his own tales. This leap of faith turned out to be a blessing in disguise, catching the attention of ears and hearts home and away. Once described as a honey drenched voice, whose father listened to too much Joe Cocker and Jethro Tull, and whose mother wished his father was Jeff Buckley, recent times have seen this husky boy pour himself out into his lyrics and strum his way to the front seat, taking the wheel for the first time. The record deals had come and gone, the crowds became a memory but it ignited the real passion and fire for music that he’s left dormant for far too long.

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