Pop sensation Peg Parnevik catapulted into the Swedish music business in early spring 2016, and practically overnight. Two years later, the young and promising Peg has a roster full of achievements including her debut single ”Ain’t No Saint” (28 million streams, 3x Platinum), her EP ”Don’t Tell Ma”, a Swedish-Grammy nomination, as well as an extensive national tour last summer. Peg was also awarded the prestigious Swedish P3 Radio Price in the category ”Rookie of the Year 2017”.

Not only has the Sweden born and American raised 22-year-old caught millions of people’s interest, she has also become a role model for young people struggling with body image, bullying, and the pressure of being young in today's society. With her honest approach, Peg’s lovable character has earned her thousands of dedicated fans whom she has a close connection to.

Her collaboration with the DJ-duo Sondr resulted in 12 million streams for the single ”Live Love Learn” and with more than 65 million streams in total, Peg is definitely one of Sweden's most successful artists.With several international observances, Peg is ready to focus on the markets outside of the borders of Sweden.