STORME makes luminous electronic pop about nature, because nature is what she knows. The Swedish artist spent much of her childhood exploring local woodland – a paradise of pine trees and untouched wilderness, punctuated by lakes that shimmer in sunlight in daytime, then lap quietly beneath sprawling stars at night. “I’ve always found this place to be a safe haven that restores me whenever I return to it,” says the fast-rising singer-songwriter, real name Amanda Liedberg.

The same could be said of STORME’s music: giant, empowering anthems about our relationships with the world and with each other. “It’s nature-pop,” the artist explains, describing her cult- acclaimed sound. “People say it’s cinematic, with lots of swirling soundscapes and a calming air. I like that. I want to create a world that can be explored.” What STORME finds in her local woodland, she wants listeners to find in her songs. I want to speak for nature in my music, because it can’t speak for itself.”