He’s a singer, songwriter and musician, but most of all Hazlett is a storyteller.

The Australian talent cut his teeth working as a touring musician and ghostwriter-for- hire, preferring to stay behind-the- scenes and out of the limelight. It wasn’t until one of his original tracks was discovered by an old friend overseas — and a last minute long-haul flight to Sweden — that his own solo project was born. After locking himself in a Stockholm studio and pouring his heart out in song, he emerged three months later as Hazlett, armed with three full EPs of rich, warm and moving music. 

Hazlett's upcoming EP — titled Goodbye to the Valley Low — is set for release early December 2023. Produced by his long-time collaborator Freddy Alexander, crafted in an off-grid cabin on the west coast of Sweden, Goodbye to the Valley Low will be a return to his musical roots, delivering a stripped-down and raw sound. 

For Hazlett, songwriting is a form of therapy and expression for a sensitive soul who shies away from attention. “I'm usually not the talking type,” he says. “I guess I just save it up and I write it down in a song.” Listen and you’ll hear everything you need to know about this astounding talent.