He’s a singer, songwriter and musician, but most of all Hazlett is a storyteller.

The Australian talent cut his teeth working as a touring musician and ghostwriter-for- hire, preferring to stay behind-the- scenes and out of the limelight. It wasn’t until one of his original tracks was discovered by an old friend overseas — and a last minute long-haul flight to Sweden — that his own solo project was born. After locking himself in a Stockholm studio and pouring his heart out in song, he emerged three months later as Hazlett, armed with three full EPs of rich, warm and moving music.

The second of those EPs — titled Thundering Hopes — is set for release in 2018. It’s full of the stuff of living: hope, disappointment, acceptance, the agony of separation and the bittersweetness of starting again. Hazlett’s songs are letters to people around him, from girlfriends past and present to wayward friends, strangers on trains and the celebrity he wound up doing drunk karaoke with one night in New York.

For Hazlett, songwriting is a form of therapy and expression for a sensitive soul who shies away from attention. “I'm usually not the talking type,” he says. “I guess I just save it up and I write it down in a song.” Listen to Thundering Hopes and you’ll hear everything you need to know about this astounding new talent.