Matilda Frommegård is a talented songwriter and producer with a passion for creating music that captures the perfect vibe. For her, everyone in the room is important and she strives to create a creative space where ideas can flow freely. During sessions, you might even catch a glimpse of her beloved dog Nelli, who sometimes joins in on the fun.

Matilda’s journey began at the school Musikmakarna in Northern Sweden where she studied music production and songwriting, with the piano as her instrument of choice. Now Matilda works in a variety of genres and has produced and written songs for artists in Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia including Billlie, ALAMAT and BonBon Girls to name a few.

Matilda co-wrote "OOPS!" and "Hide & Seek" for LOONA’s album ”[12:00]”, which became the group’s first Billboard 200 entry and made it to #1 Billboard Heatseekers Album. She has also co-written “Need You to Know” by Wiktoria and produced songs for Carola.

As she continues to expand her musical footprint across the globe, Matilda remains committed to create music that not only sounds great, but also captures the spirit of the moment.