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David Foster
Rick Knowles
Chris Klafford
Ricky Ross
Pam Shayne
Lauren Christy
Evie Irie
Steve Booker
Gary Nicholson
Marcia Hines
Beth Nielson Chapman
Isaiah Firebrace
Appian way
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My name is Scott Ritchie, AKA Mr Ritchie, originally from Scotland and I am a song writer. Also, a musician, recording artist and arranger, but I think the best way to sum it all up is I Make Songs.


In my career, this fact has taken me all over the world, to rooms and stages, big and small. From ant infested basements on borrowed guitars to multimillion dollar studios sitting at pianos with people who have more Grammys than I have clean shirts. All of that and back again. In each of these circumstances only one thing mattered, “The Song” or maybe two, there had to be good coffee too.


It’s been “The Song” that has always made the difference and moved the needle, as they say. It’s always been the thing that everyone seemed to be looking for but not everyone could see it. Lucky for me I can. Let me explain.


Like most of my peers my favourite part of any session is the initial conversation, where we talk about life, the world and all the stories we hope to one day tell in music. For me this is where the images begin to form. All on their own, the colours and shapes merge into parts of pictures. These pictures have melody and atmosphere, through this the words seem to fall from know where and land with their own rhythms. Then I piece it all together. It may sound strange to some but for me it feels more like I’m “remembering the song to life”, like piecing together parts of a dream after you wake up before they all disappear like smoke in the air.


As strange as it all may sound, it’s even stranger for me to try to describe. Quite honestly, I don’t fully understand it. All I know is when I can see it, the song is there. It’s the songs that I see more vividly that have been the ones that have connected the most. They have made the difference and moved the needle.  So as a writer that’s all I strive for. Whether I’m helping a new artist find their voice, or a legend rediscover theirs, I’m just looking for that unique moment or phrase that helps me see it more clearly.